This Acid Neutralizer Install in Vienna, VA Will Give Their Water a Pristine pH

Here is a before and after pic of a “pristine” install in Vienna, VA. This family chose the life-time warrantied Entek BTR-100 water softener and the Acid Neutralizer. These two units will give their household pristine & perfect water, with ALL hardness removed. This softener will removal all mineral deposits and water spots on bath tubs, sinks, coffee pots, and more.

The Acid Neutralizer will give your water the perfect pH of 7.0, which means no more blue/green rings in your toilet or other fixtures! It protects your home from pinhole leaks in your plumbing and wear on your fixtures.  This unit is a must if you have copper plumbing or fixtures in your home that you want to protect!  Low pH will eat at any metal it touches. How’s your water?  Call today!