Introducing the Healthway DFS Cleanstation!

Hello Pristine Water Customers! I would like to take a moment to first wish every one of you safety and health! We have a product that has been available for years, but we have been so focused on water quality that we have forgotten that air quality is just as important!

I personally have been using this in my home for 10 years, and now, I would not go without it! It makes a HUGE difference, even in just the feeling of the air in your home! I also contacted our distributor who confirmed that this unit WILL remove and kill the COVID-19 virus!

I think now, more than ever, it is important to know there is a product out there that will help us all stay more safe in our homes!

Introducing the Healthway DFS Cleanstation… each unit filters up to 1500 square feet in your home! Please contact us at 571-334-8283.