The Telltale Signs of Acidic Water

What are the telltale signs of acidic water? The bottom of your tub or sinks may have blue or green stains. Your metal water pipes may also become damaged and develop pin-hole leaks. Our effective and economical solution is installing an acid neutralizer! Save yourself time and money before your fixtures and pipes are further damaged by the low pH imbalance of your water. For your acid neutralizer installation, repair and maintenance service, contact Pristine Water Treatment at (571) 334-8283!

Acid Neutralization System and Kitchen Water Filters Installed in Manassas, VA

“Pristine Water Treatment is a fabulous, family-run business owned and operated by people who have integrity and who thoroughly know the water treatment business. We first hired them to help us with an acid neutralization system and kitchen water filters. Our water is great now and they come to test it regularly. They have been servicing our home for years and we recommend them highly and without a single reservation.”
– M.J in Manassas, VA

Thank you to all of our customers, both past and present, for choosing Pristine Water for your water treatment services! For a water test or any concerns you have with your water, contact us at (571) 334-8283!

Stains on Your Faucets and Plumbing Features in Fairfax Station, VA?

Blue or green stains appearing on your faucets and plumbing fixtures in Fairfax Station, VA? Your water may be acidic! Acidic water can corrode metal, which is where the staining comes from. Installing an acid neutralizer is the most effective and economical way to correct a low pH imbalance of your water. If you suspect your water’s pH is low or would like a free water test, contact Pristine Water Treatment at (571) 334-8283 or check out the contact form here!

Water Acidity Issue Resolved in Fredericksburg, VA

“From the initial testing of my water (quite acidic) to the installation of the water neutralizer, I received outstanding service. Everyone that I spoke with was very courteous. If they didn’t know an answer they promised to call back within 10-30 minutes – they ALWAYS did! The installation went smoothly and the unit is working perfectly. If you want a professional, courteous service at a fair price, then you can’t go wrong with Pristine Water Treatment!”
– K.D in Fredericksburg, VA

Having issues with your home’s water? Our water treatment solutions range from tackling water acidity to water hardness and anything else that may be affecting your water. Call us today at (571) 334-8283!

water acidity in Fredericksburg, VA

Does Your Home’s Water in Alexandria, VA Have a Low pH?

Signs that your home’s water has a low pH are blue or green stains or crusty sediment near your plumbing fixtures. This comes from the acidity corroding the metal and the discoloration indicates that the metal of your fixtures is dissolving. We have acid neutralizer units available to resolve your water’s acidity issues! For a free water test, contact Pristine Water at (571) 334-8283 or visit our website:

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Water Neutralizer Installed in Lorton, VA

“Pristine Water came out and installed our water neutralizer on schedule as promised. Great honest company and very fair pricing on all their products. Highly recommended for all your water treatment needs.”
– Tom B. in Lorton, VA

Our acid neutralizer is an effective and economical solution for your water’s low pH balance. For more information or if you’d like for us to test your water, call Pristine at (571) 334-8283 or fill out our online form here:


Blue or Green Stains Around Your Tub or Plumbing Fixtures?

Blue or green stains appearing around your tubs, toilets, shower walls, faucets and fixtures? It could be the low pH of your water is corroding the metal that it touches – fixtures, hot water heaters, etc. Prevent further damage to your pipes by installing an acid neutralizer! Pristine Water offers acid neutralizer installation, repair & maintenance services. For more information or to schedule a free water test, contact us at (571) 334-8283 or fill out our contact form here.