Remove Harmful Chemicals and Hardness from Your Water in Fairfax, VA

Our combination water softener and whole house filtration system is ideal for city and community water! It will remove chlorine taste and odors, harmful chemicals (Volatile Organic Compounds and more), and water hardness. Get safe, filtered soft water from every faucet in your home in Fairfax, VA! If you have any questions or concerns about this product or Pristine Water Treatment services, please give us a call at 571-334-8283.


Household’s Water Taste and Smell Like Chlorine?

Does your household’s water taste and smell like chlorine? Is there mineral staining around your plumbing and your dishes have spots on them after cleaning? Discover our combination water softener and whole house water filtration system! It’s three treatments in one and is perfect for city & community water. Enjoy the many benefits of soft water, like softer hair and skin after showers and purer filtered water. Schedule a water test with Pristine Water Treatment at (571) 334-8283!

Chlorine in Water Affecting Plumbing in Manassas, VA Residence

“We had a pipe burst, and the plumber recommended that we get a water filtration system to help remove the high chlorine content of the water in our municipal system. He said that it is the chlorine that contributes to the hardening of the PB pipe, thus causing it to burst. We contacted many filtration suppliers and Pristine stood out from all the rest. The installation was efficient, professional and guaranteed. I’m delighted we went with Pristine.”
– A.W in Manassas, VA

Is the chlorine in your water affecting the plumbing in your home? For your water filtration options, contact Pristine Water Treatment at (571) 334-8283!