Analyzing Your Water and Developing a Treatment Solution in Alexandria, VA

Staining around your plumbing or sediment found on your clothes after a laundry wash? Pristine Water Treatment will perform a thorough analysis of your water and provide a full range of water treatment solutions. Our team handles everything from new installations to repairs and maintenance of any brand of water system that you already have. For a free water test or to address a concern about your home’s water, please feel free to give us a call at (571) 334-8283!

Solutions for All Common Problems for City Water and Well Water

Having issues with the water in your household? Whether you’re looking for drinking water filter alternatives, the acidity in your water is corroding your plumbing, or hard water is affecting your washing, Pristine Water Treatment has a solution! We have a full line of water treatment products to address all common problems for city water and well water. For a free water test, contact us at (571) 334-8283!

Need Repairs for Whole House Water Treatment System in Fairfax, VA?

“Pristine Water first helped me on the phone since I am pretty handy, and it looked like an easy fix. Well, turned out to be a bit more. I made the leak worse! I scheduled an appointment for them to come out to fix it. Since he knew I was handy about things, the technician let me hang around and showed me what he was doing. Great company and very nice people. I can highly recommend them!”

– Scott S. in Fairfax, VA

Need repairs for your existing whole house water treatment system? Call Pristine Water Treatment at (571) 334-8283! We service and repair all makes and models!

Water Testing and Treatment System Maintenance in Great Falls, VA

“Very pleased with their service of testing our water. They explained the tanks that we have and the customer service went above and beyond. We look forward to continuing to use Pristine for any water issues in the future!”
– Paul in Great Falls, VA

From hard water resolution to whole house water treatment system installations, Pristine Water Treatment is ready to be your One Stop Water Shop! For a free comprehensive water analysis, give us a call at (571) 334-8283.

Equipment Installations, Repairs & Maintenance for Your Water Treatment Systems

“Pristine Water is a great! Always have flexible scheduling, on time and thorough! Would definitely recommend!”

– Lisa C. in Stafford, VA

Are you looking for a water treatment service provider who you can rely on for equipment installations, repairs or maintenance services? Pristine Water Treatment is ready to deliver! Customer satisfaction is our priority. For a free water test or to address any concerns about your system, contact us at (571) 334-8283!

Stains or Buildup Around Your Sinks? The Culprit May Be Hard Water!

Stains or buildup around your sinks and bathtubs? Needing to use large amounts of soap to clean dishes or wash your hair? This may be a case of hard water! If left unresolved, the minerals in the hard water will cause staining on plumbing fixtures and be deposited as scale, eventually clogging plumbing and shortening the life of appliances like washing machines, water heaters and dishwashers. For your water conditioner and water softener installation, repair or maintenance service in Fredericksburg, VA, contact Pristine Water Treatment at (571) 334-8283!

Offering Laboratory Water Testing for Businesses and Homes in Virginia

Need a laboratory water test for Virginia loans, purchases or refinancing needs? Pristine Water Treatment now offers these laboratory water testing services:

  • 24 Hour Results on Bacteria Testing
  • Bacteria, Lead, Nitrate & Nitrite testing
  • Certified Water Testing and More

    If you’re concerned after the results of your test, there’s no need to worry because we are the experts who are prepared to resolve your water issues! For water testing or services for your current water treatment system, call us at (571) 334-8283.

    Your Reliable Water Treatment and Service Provider in Fredericksburg, VA

    “After my previous service provider closed up shop, I was really worried that I would not be able to find another service provider that was as excellent and fairly priced. I contacted Pristine, and I was scheduled quickly. My concerns went away as I observed the technician do his job. He knew what he was doing and did a fantastic job. Very professional, experienced, knowledgeable, polite, and friendly. This is a company you can depend on and trust to be honest and reasonably priced. You can’t go wrong with Pristine.”
    – Rich M. in Fredericksburg, VA

    Searching for a reliable water treatment and service provider? Call Pristine Water Treatment at (571) 334-8283. We also offer free water tests!

    Water Purifier Installation in Woodbridge, VA

    “We chose Pristine not only because they were a family-run business, but also because they were Straight Shooters and did not try to give us slick sales jobs. Always respectful of our budgetary limits, they worked with us. Prior to the installation of their equipment, our old house had had a series of pipe leaks from multiple pinhole leaks. Since the installation of their water purifier we have not had a single leak even in our old pipes. The Pristine servicemen who come periodically to check our water and the equipment are always courteous, friendly, and knowledgeable. I cannot recommend this company highly enough.”
    – Mary in Woodbridge, VA

    We’re happy to begin the year with this amazing recommendation from one of our customers! Honest and reliable, the Pristine team will do all we can to resolve your water issues. Schedule your water test or service with us at (571) 334-8283.

    We Offer a Free Comprehensive Water Analysis for Your Home

    Noticing a strange odor from your water or stains around your faucets and fixtures? Pristine offers free water testing to pinpoint the cause! Before choosing a water treatment system to buy, you should know what is in your water to ensure your system will correct your water issue. Call us today at (571) 334-8283 for your comprehensive water analysis!