Cleaner Clothes and Softer Skin with the BTR-100!

Another perfect & “pristine” install at a Fairfax Station home today. This is the Entek BTR-100 water softener and the Safeway Iron Zapper. In one chemical-free, little-to-no-maintenance whole house unit, the Iron Zapper removes ALL brown stains in toilets & showers and ALL rotten egg smell! The BTR-Water Softener is a “smart” softener; it saves you on water & salt usage, which will result in cleaner clothes and softer skin & hair!

btr-100 installation fairfax station

Saving on Salt and Water Usage in Fredricksburg, VA

This is Entek’s premier water softener that we installed today at a home in Fredricksburg, VA. The BTR-100 is demand initiated and saves on salt and water usage. Lifetime warranty, including electrical!

BTR-100 Water Softener

Water Softener Installation in Clifton, VA

At a Clifton, VA location, we installed an Entek btr-100 water softener and a Safeway Iron zapper. It removes the hardness, iron and sulfur from your water. Lifetime warranties!

Water softener installation