Water Softener Issue Fixed in Fairfax, VA

“Pristine Water responded quickly to an issue with the water softener. It was repaired and back online within one day. Great service!”
– C.C in Fairfax, VA

We are dedicated to providing top-notch service! Our team will service and repair ALL makes and models of an existing system you may have in your home. Call Pristine Water Treatment at (571) 334-8283!

Choosing the Right Water Softener for Your Hard Water in Alexandria, VA

What should you look for when choosing the right water softener for your Alexandria, VA home’s hard water issue? You’ll want one that is demand-initiated, which saves you water and salt. It should also have a good flow rate and will not restrict the flow of your water.

After the installation of your water softener, you’ll notice the difference! Your water-using appliances will last longer and run better. For more information on our professional series water softeners, contact Pristine Water Treatment at 571-334-8283 or fill out our website contact form: https://pristinewater-treatment.com/contact.php

Water Acidity Issue Resolved in Fredericksburg, VA

“From the initial testing of my water (quite acidic) to the installation of the water neutralizer, I received outstanding service. Everyone that I spoke with was very courteous. If they didn’t know an answer they promised to call back within 10-30 minutes – they ALWAYS did! The installation went smoothly and the unit is working perfectly. If you want a professional, courteous service at a fair price, then you can’t go wrong with Pristine Water Treatment!”
– K.D in Fredericksburg, VA

Having issues with your home’s water? Our water treatment solutions range from tackling water acidity to water hardness and anything else that may be affecting your water. Call us today at (571) 334-8283!

water acidity in Fredericksburg, VA

Rotten Egg Smell Coming from the Shower?

Do you notice a rotten egg smell when showering or washing your clothes? The culprit may be sulfur! Decaying organic matter can react to the sulfur contained in the minerals in the water. Another possibility is that the water heater is producing sulfide gas. Pristine Water Treatment provides a chemical-free solution for your sulfur issue! For a free water test or if you need to address a specific problem with your home’s water, contact us at (571) 334-8283.

We Are Still Searching For a Full-Time Service/Sales Technician!

We are still in search of a new team member for service/sales and installation. Plumbing experience preferable, but we can provide training to the right candidate! For more information on how to apply to the position, please contact Roy at 571-334-7770.

The Premier Provider for Your Water Treatment System

“We’ve been using Pristine Water since we built our house (on well water) in 2001. They are a family-owned business and are a joy to work with. Honest, reliable, respectful, and they get the job done exactly as promised. We highly recommend them for your water treatment and maintenance!”
– F.W in McLean, VA

We appreciate customers who continue to choose us as the provider for their water treatment system! Our team always delivers quality customer service and reliable solutions that we stand by. Contact Pristine Water at (571) 334-8283 or fill out our contact form here: https://pristinewater-treatment.com/contact.php

Water Treatment System Provider

Issues with Your City Water and Well Water in Woodbridge, VA

An indicator of specific problems with your city water and well water can be colored stains or deposits around your plumbing. Brown, yellow or orange stains appearing around tubs, showers and toilets may be due to the heavy presence of iron in the water. Blue or green stains around your faucets and fixtures can be from the water’s low pH. No matter the issue, we will have a safe, chemical-free solution! For a free water test or if you need to get your current water system serviced in Woodbridge, VA, contact Pristine Water Treatment at (571) 334-8283.

City Water or Well Water Issues

Muddy Water Problems Resolved in Alexandria, VA

“Great service and fixed our muddy water problems from well water. Pristine is always there for emergency help and will chat on the phone with us to answer and fix problems. Highly recommend them!”
– Jim M. in Alexandria, VA

Finding issues about your well water? Let Pristine Water analyze, diagnose, and find a solution to your concerns about your household water! Call us at (571) 334-8283 or fill out our contact form here: https://pristinewater-treatment.com/contact.php


We Are Hiring – Join the Pristine Team!

Pristine Water is hiring! We are looking for a new team member for service/sales and installation. Plumbing experience is preferred but we will train the right candidate! For more information or if you are interested in applying, please call Roy at 571-334-7770.

Hiring Technician Stafford, VA

Does Your Home’s Water in Alexandria, VA Have a Low pH?

Signs that your home’s water has a low pH are blue or green stains or crusty sediment near your plumbing fixtures. This comes from the acidity corroding the metal and the discoloration indicates that the metal of your fixtures is dissolving. We have acid neutralizer units available to resolve your water’s acidity issues! For a free water test, contact Pristine Water at (571) 334-8283 or visit our website: https://pristinewater-treatment.com/contact.php

low pH Water Alexandria, VA